How Much Money Do I Need To Build A House In Sri Lanka?

How Much Money Do I Need To Build A House In Sri Lanka?

Building your own home can be a real struggle in Sri Lanka. The cost of building a house has risen significantly in recent years due to rising inflation and import taxes. However, if you do your research correctly and know where to look, you will be able to easily set up your home in the process. Therefore, the following are some of the key factors that affect the overall cost of building a house in Sri Lanka.

1. The Location

Factors such as whether a property is located near a city or in a flooded area can significantly affect its overall value. For example, the most expensive property in Sri Lanka is located in and around the city of Colombo and the land is on the market at a very high price. On the other hand, homes located in less urbanized areas are more affordable.

2. The Size Of The Land

The size of the land on which the house is built directly affects its overall value. The most expensive land in Sri Lanka is located in the Colombo, Kandy, and Galle districts and costs Rs. More than Rs. 30 million per perch and the minimum price is Rs. It also spans around a hundred thousand.

3. The Size Of The House

When it comes to the cost of a home, size is important. If you have a high goal for a spacious resort, a villa or bungalow will cost you Rs. 150-900 million. However, small-scale property such as an annex or a small single-family home can cost up to Rs. 2-3 million, unless you need a lot of space to live.

4. The Type Of Materials Used

The basic material used to build a house would be a significant portion of the total cost of such a house. Its cost varies depending on what is used for the home. However, the cost of houses built using innovative materials such as a studio unit made using shipping containers is Rs. 1 – 2 million.

5. Cost Of Basic Furniture For A Home

No home is truly complete without a final touch. This may include painting the house and installing light bulbs, but we must keep in mind that essential furniture and appliances are also needed to complete the construction project.

6. The Fundamental Design Of The House

The basic home design chosen for the home can also contribute to its overall cost. For example, a traditional box-shaped design with only the essential amenities costs Rs. 2 million and a modern house with an intricate design costs more than Rs. 600 million.

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