Test the property don’t view it

Test the property don’t view it……..

  • Once you’ve found several properties that match your criteria on rightplace.lk you are ready to book your first viewing with the agent.
  • It’s better to take the mindset that you are testing the property rather than viewing it, just like you would test drive a car.
  • When you sign for a tenancy it is based upon renting the apartment or house as seen, therefore when it comes to looking round the property you should test everything as you go.
  • Turn the taps on to test water pressure, test the shower, flush the toilet, check the fixtures and fittings are all fine, open and close windows, and most importantly list any work that would need doing before you go in.
  • It also makes sense to take pictures of any problems as you view to back up your list of improvements.
  • Remember don’t allow yourself to be rushed through a property by the landlord or letting agent, they may only want to spend 15 minutes showing you round, but you will ultimately be the one living there.
  • You should also try and view a property on more than one occasion, ideally at different times of the day. This will not only allow you to have a second check of the property itself but should also help you get a better feel for the surrounding area.


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