Launch of Sri Lanka’s Most Innovative Real Estate Platform

Launch of Sri Lanka’s Most Innovative Real Estate Platform is the most innovative real estate platform in Sri Lanka developed by Hexacode. The founder company of the is TrustUs. On the one hand, we have real estate agents and on the other hand, we are mostly involved as real estate buyers and at the same time, we create a place for the largest real estate inventory in Sri Lanka for transactions in different categories of real estate.

We benefit from a strong relationship with our property audiences, such as real estate buyers, real estate agents, landlords, and tenants. Another advantage of using this website is that once you select the district you want from the map of Sri Lanka, you can easily get information about all the properties related to that district. Compared to other websites, you can easily find information related to the relevant categories on this website. Also, if you want to find an agent, you can easily find an agent according to the relevant location.

When you add a new property to this website, there are two main parts called rent and sale. Also, these two main sections are divided into subcategories. They are residential, commercial, leisure, agricultural, industrial and other. Also, for the convenience of the person publishing the post, subcategories are further divided. For example, residential is divided into houses, apartments, bungalows, villas, and cottages, etc. Similarly, other subcategories are also divided into related sections.

Our consulting services are run by individuals who combine a sense of entrepreneurship and a deeper understanding of the specialty care real estate sector with the highest standards of customer care than any other web site. With our advice, our property management capabilities, property valuation specialization, and the transaction services we provide, we help our clients meet their real estate needs. But our intervention does not begin and end with a sale or purchase inventory; In addition, we offer a wide range of real estate consulting services to establish, maintain and develop the capital and rental value of your property. Our company also offers buyer advice, seller advice, landlord advice, and renter advice to everyone who needs to get advice.

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