Independence Square

Independence Square

This has been built to commemorate Independence obtained in 1948. This is not the place where it was declared but a place where Sri Lankan architecture is used. With a view to marking the triumphant victory of gaining independence for Sri Lanka in 1948, then the government of Sri Lanka decided to construct an independence memorial building which could be appreciated by local and foreign people symbolization of the long and splendid history of Sri Lanka; Accordingly, a majestic and magnificent looking building similar in form to Magul Maduwa in Kandy was planned. This building has been constructed so as to symbolize splendor of the nation with adequate seating accommodation for the total number of 224 persons who represent as the members of parliament and the members of Senate and with seating accommodation for 25,000 persons in the open area outside the hall and with ground space around the hall which can accommodate 100,000 people. Paintings that illustrate various events of the History of Sri Lanka draw the inside walls since the day King Vijaya arrived in Sri Lanka up to the present. and hence the entire building has been created as a reflection of our glorious ancient culture in the ultimate sense of the word.

To commemorate the Independence that we gained. The festival was held at independence square during the first years. It is our prime duty to protect this building as a national asset. In accordance with a decision taken by the Cabinet of Ministers on 20th April 1983, the Independence Hall has been entrusted into the custody of the Cultural Ministry. At present development of the building’s surrounding has been entrusted to the Urban Development Authority in a manner of the protection of its magnificence, the maintenance and repairs of the Independence Hall and its premises have been done by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. A large number of local and foreign tourists visit this place every day to see its splendor.

Source: Ministry of Cultural Affairs

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