National Independence Day 2021

National Independence Day 2021

Our country, which has been under European rule for 153 years with the invasion of the European nations in the 15th century, was officially liberated from Western colonialism on 4th February 1948. Since independence from British rule, Sri Lanka has enjoyed stable democracy and sustainable economic growth, despite recent clashes with a separatist military faction of the LTTE. This year we are celebrating our 73rd Independence Day. Sri Lanka’s Independence Day is a great national occasion celebrated with parades and pageants with the pride of patriotism and national pride. The celebrations begin with the hoisting of the national flag and the singing of the national anthem and the traditional lighting of lamps. There are cultural programs. The parade will include school children dancing and singing, military walks, floating, cultural performances, religious festivals, naval and air force concerts, and artillery shooting. A colorful and colorful celebration worth experiencing.

The festival is usually held at the Galle Face Green, which was open to the public in previous years, but will not be open to the public this year due to the global Covid 19 epidemic. Coinciding with this Day, Independence Day is celebrated with pride as a Sri Lankan nation by hoisting the National Flag for a week from 1st to 7th February in homes, businesses, government, and private offices and vehicles. The government has taken steps to implement an island-wide tree planting program to coincide with the National Independence Day. Accordingly, it has been advised to give priority to the planting of kohomba and kumbuk plants in public places or on private land and to focus on planting fruit or medicinal plants in every house. This National Day is of great importance to the people of Sri Lanka as it reflects the history of the great sacrifices made by Sri Lankans to achieve independence. It is a day to pay tribute to the armed forces who played a major role in the country’s freedom struggle.

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